Our team

The girls of Dawrung all have one thing in common: they are sexy and they are at your service. Their massage techniques are sublime, but what they can offer more will be appealing to you. Erotically you won't miss a thing. Concerning this, our girls all have their aim to comfort you.

Meet our super girls. They show themselves in this page and tell you what their specialties are.

Jenny is 29 years old and very experienced. Jenny works a long time for Dawrung. She knows all the massage techniques...and she likes adventures. Would you like to share her adventures?



May is 28 years old. She comes from Thailand. May is an elegant and sexy lady. She knows her work and thus applies her own means to make the client happy.



Dara is 45 years old. She comes from Thailand. Dara is very experienced and knows exactly what her customers want. In her own way she meets her customers. This happens with a smile in a very friendly way.



Nikki is 34 years old, she works from Monday to Friday.